Today’s Feature – October 6-7: Rev Theory

October 8, 2008 at 12:36 am (Today's Feature)

Back when I had the chance to answer the PEV XXQ’s, I was asked about my favorite style of music. My answer? Rock. Alternative. Big guitars, big drums, big vocals. Tis’ a good thing – we’ve had the privilege of interviewing some of the top rock acts out there; bands like Puddle of Mudd and Saving Abel. So when we heard that the two were touring together (making a stop at Baltimore’s own Ram’s Head Live!), we grabbed the closest communication line we could to ensure a seat at the show. It was then that we learned there was a third band, an explosive opening act you know as Rev Theory. These rock worshipers bring the guitar shredding and smashing just as hard as anyone else… and I was going to be front row to witness it for myself.

The show kicked ass – complete and utter ass. The venue packed with pumping fists pounding out the Rev Theory anthem, “Hell Yeah,” just as it should be. They blasted tunes from “Light it Up” without remorse, taking us up and down, spinning in circles, wondering where the ride would stop next. It’s different from what you may have heard from their 2005 release, “Truth is Currency” under the name, Revelation Theory. The new songs off of “Light it Up” have something more to them; an addition that smacks of a mix of realization, confidence and some “I don’t care if it hurts,” ear crushing melodies.

Even if you think you don’t know Rev Theory – you do. Their songs have been featured by the WWE, including the theme song for “One Night Stand,” you’ve watched them on Jimmy Kimmel Live and you may have even heard rumors that involve them and… Britney Spears?? If you seriously are unfamiliar with these guys… get to work. And prepare yourself. Jump into the XXQ’s for a whole lot more.

XXQs: Rev Theory (Richie): Hey Rich, thanks for taking time with us. You guys were just in Baltimore, our hometown, playing with PEV alums Puddle of Mudd and Saving Abel. How did Baltimore treat you?

Rich: Yeah, we just played Rams Head Live. It was great. We really enjoyed it… it was a great day.

Richie: How did you guys get hooked up with Puddle of Mudd?

Rich: We have the same booking agent. And Wes got a hold of our record and asked us to come on board.

Richie: How is life on the road with the band? Best and worst parts?

Rich: Life is good for the band. We get to do what we love to do every day. The best parts is just being able to play music and not have the responsibility of a real job. The worst part is zero privacy, missing your own bed and being away from your family.

Richie: Speaking of family, how have your friends and family reacted to your career?

Rich: Very supportive. They love it. It’s been a long hard road, so they’re happy that we can make a living at this.

Richie: Growing up, who were you listening to?

Rich: I listened to a lot of Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, Guns N Roses. That was the stuff I grew up on.

Richie: A little back story – how did you guys come together?

Rich: Three of us went to college together in North Hanover, Massachusetts called Marymount College and started playing music together there. We decided after graduation we wanted to give this a shot for a living. We moved to New York, got a manager and that’s how it happened.

Richie: Your rock anthem “Hell Yeah” has been blowing up the charts. How did you come up with that hit?

Rich: You know man, it’s just one of those things that just happened on it’s own. The label told us they needed another high energy song and uh, that was the last song we wrote for the record and that was it.

Richie: Are you surprised about how fast it has taken off?

Rich: Um, you know, not surprised – but more thankful and fortunate. It’s nice that’s it is being recognized finally.

Richie: Tell us, what can fans expect from “Light It Up”?

Rich: They can expect songs for everyone. It’s a feel good record. Overall it’s an escape from everyday lives. It is high energy but has some really good ballads as well. From one to ten, there is a song for everybody.

Richie: How is this work different from your past?

Rich: This is more musically intricate. More of a new metal and straight ahead rock style. More growth as a band for us.

Richie: You actually did a song for WWE’s One Night Stand – how did that come about? Are you guys wrestling fans?

Rich: We actually got the theme song for Wrestlemania XXIV and for One Night Stand. We were fans growing up and then fell out of it. But once we started working with them, we fell back into it. It’s a lot of fun.

Richie: What can fans expect from a live Rev Theory show?

Rich: High energy, intense, and emotional performance. You will leave just as exhausted as we are.

Richie: Any pre show rituals before the show?

Rich: Yeah, we do stretching and warm ups. Then it’s a ritual to have an iPod with a playlist of a little bit of Jane’s Addiction, Avenged Sevenfold and some others.

Richie: Who would be your dream collaboration?

Rich: You know, I think it will be a little different for everyone. On the top of the list… Chris Cornell, that would be really cool. Just you know, there are a lot of people.

Richie: Is there an up and coming band you think we should all be looking out for?

Rich: You know what man, I’ve been so concentrated on what we have to do and our stuff that I haven’t been able to listen to other music. We are big fans of the new Shine Down album… as far as new bands out there –we are new, so look out for us!

Richie: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about the members of Rev Theory?

Rich: One thing that you would be surprised to hear about the members of Rev Theory… Um… (He turns to the other band members) Hey guys, what’s one thing people would be surprised to hear about us?… Don’t know they are thinking… (They throw out answers)… Wait, now we’re not saying that! We’ll keep that one a secret. (laughs)

Richie: When you aren’t performing or touring, what can we find you doing in your spare time?

Rich: Nothing. Hanging out, relaxing, watching movies… just relaxing.

Richie:  What’s this connection with Britney Spears?

Rich: We did Jimmy Kimmel Live and went to a party afterwards and she was hanging out there and said she was a fan of the band.

Richie: How was doing Jimmy Kimmel for you?

Rich: It was great. Very nerve wrecking – it is live so you never know what to expect. But everyone with the show was nice to us.

Richie: In one word, describe Rev Theory.

Rich: Uh… (He turns to the other guys and asks them)… They say “awesome”, so awesome.

Richie: Awesome. Done. So, what’s next for you guys?

Rich: Just touring with this record for the next two years, so look out for us.

Richie: Thanks again for taking time out with us and best of luck on the tour.

Rich: Hey thank you man.

For more information on Rev Theory, check out:


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