Today’s Feature – April 21-22: Lifehouse

April 22, 2008 at 9:10 pm (Today's Feature)

I’ve known about Lifehouse for years – from their multi-platinum debut “No Name Face” to “Stanley Climbfall” to the self-titled release to the latest, “Who We Are.” Hell, my x-girlfriend even called “Hanging by a Moment,” OUR song (and I liked the song!). So it’s a little hard to believe these guys are still in their 20’s, keeping in mind their years and years of success. But while we all know about Lifehouse, there is no better way to learn more about a band than seeing one of their shows LIVE. And not only were the guys from PEV catching a show in person, they were catching it at one of the most enthusiastic venues for Lifehouse, Washington DC’s 9:30 Club. The club had been sold out for weeks, and Jason, Rick and Bryce knew exactly what they were in for.

The group’s chemistry on stage is impossible to ignore, as the Capital crowd indicated with an incredible response. They went as nuts as any crowd can go for a show; it was simply a great atmosphere to be a part of. Fortunately, we caught up with the guys prior to the show to talk about the tour, habits on the bus and the newest record, ÒWho We Are.” The new album title makes sense – the collection gets back to the basics of what made Jason first form the band while still a teenager in suburban California.

It is the definition of an album that was made directly after the conclusion of a tour; the band already knowing how to fully play off of one another’s abilities and strengths fresh from the stage. As matter of fact, no demos were recorded prior to their work in the studio, “We just cut it, listened to it and realized it was pretty electric…the kind of song where you just turn up the radio.” This has ultimately led to an unreal energy level on every track – music you can blast with pleasure this summer.

The show itself is full of hits, and the guys are right. It is one BIG party. The tour will continue as long as fans keep clamoring for more (and do they ever), so keep an eye out for a show near you. Jump into the XXQ’s to learn more.

XXQs: Lifehouse – Rick and Bryce (PEV): Alright guys, we are here tonight at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. I know this is not your first time here, correct?

Bryce: No, we’ve played here quite a few times and played this club a few times.

PEV: What do you guys think of the DC fans?

Rick: We love the DC fans. Every time we’ve had a show here it’s been a big turnout and they go nuts. It’s been fun.

Bryce: This is one of the earliest sell out crowds we’ve had on this tour.

PEV: How do the DC fans compare to the fans from other places?

Bryce: Oh, wow, that’s uh… Well, maybe they’re better looking (Everyone laughs).

Rick: There are more sweet lids here than in many other states (Everyone laughs), I think.

PEV: Alright, sweet lids, I’ll mark that down.

Bryce: (Pointing to a movie on the tv in their trailer, of some fat, old man in a bath tub) Like that guy, sweet lids (everyone laughs).

PEV: You go to so many different cities every year, but is there one that stands out over the others? One that tends to be better for the band than another?

Bryce: Every night is different. As soon as we play one night we’re like, “That show was awesome!” Then we’ll go to another city and be like, “That show was awesome!” So it’s kind of hard to pinpoint. New York was a big highlight.

Rick: And LA!

Bryce: Yeah, LA. We’ve played a venue in LA called The Wiltern – sold it out. So, that’s been great. Every show has been sold out.

PEV: We’re on your tour bus right now, so tell us what road life is like for you? Does it toll on you?

Rick: It definitly weighs on you. Especially when you have been on the road for a month, then you get on stage and you get to play… I mean, that’s the easy part, that’s the fun. It’s the traveling on a bus with twelve other guys. It’s like a Kiss Army on here (laughs)!. It’s a locker room in here (everyone laughs).

Bryce: Yeah, last night I left my shoes out and I got a lot of shit for it… but I’m ok with it now.

PEV: What do you like to do to unwind after a show?

Bryce: We like to sit and talk about what we did on stage that night and make the set better. Try to pinpoint certain things. Sometimes we’ll watch a movie and have a beer.

PEV: What can fans expect from the new album, “Who We Are”?

Rick: Well, first off we went straight to the studio from the road. We had a great chemistry from touring for so long, we just wanted to go in with no music, no plans, just see that red light go on and play. We wanted to get ideas and start them and rapidly get an arrangement. The record has a lot of energy in it. We cut our records old school style. There is not a lot of the modern technology that we lean on. More trying to get a take out of it. It’s more live, more up tempo.

PEV: When you sit down to write music, what kind of environment do you surround yourselves in?

Bryce: Well for this record, like he said, we would just got in there with no plans. Jason would come in with his song idea, show it to Rick and Rick would put down a beat, I’d put down a bass line. It was very non-chalant. That’s the best way to come up with ideas.

Rick: We co-produced this record with our manager, Jude Cole, who is like family… he’s been there from the beginning. So, there was no pressure. It was like going in and making a record with a couple of your friends. And the label wasn’t whipping us or anything, so we got to make a record we wanted to make and gave it to them.

PEV: So going back a little bit, back in the day, when Lifehouse first started out – what was it like?

Rick: Well first off we were little kids (laughs) and we kind of sucked (laughs). I mean we had good songs but… well, we had all the vegetables for the soup but the soup wasn’t the greatest (everyone laughs). Too damn salty! (everyone laughs). The first tour we did was opening for Pearl Jam, on a side stage. It was Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth was the middle act, it was nuts being able to see those bands. But the song took off so fast that we were sent on this three year window and by the time we got off it was like, “What just happened? What did we just do for the last three years of our lives?” (laughs).

PEV: Do you remember the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio?

Rick: Yeah that was in Jacksonville, Florida, on our way to a festival. We didn’t even realize it at the time… I mean, that was when the song first started to blow up. We showed up to a festival thinking it was a small thing but there were 40-50,000 people! It was like “WOW! How did this happen?” But you know it is a trip, it is always a trip hearing it on the radio. You can turn it up and be like, “That’s us man!”

PEV: Rick, I actually have a quote from you, “We are closer as a band then ever before.” With that, what’s something we’d be surprised to hear about the members of the band?

Bryce: Wow, well, I guess I like to sleep (everyone laughs). That’s my thing. They call me the “mattress” because I like to sleep. Surprising? I’m trying to come up with a good one besides that.

Rick: That’s a really good question!

Bryce: Rick’s the cleanest.

Rick: Um, yeah… I’m neurotic. Yeah… I’m very OCD (laughs).

Bryce: He puts towels down on the hotel room floors so his feet stay clean!

Rick: They color those carpets certain colors because they know they are going to get way dirty (everyone laughs). I don’t care! I don’t want to clean it! I just don’t want it touching my feet (everyone laughs).

PEV: I’ll have to remember that. You found their secret. So, when you get to go home, how have all your friends and family reacted to your career?

Bryce: They’re all real supportive of it. We see family members all the time, in and out. They come out, have fun and I think it brings our families closer. I mean with my family, they come out together, party and watch a rock show, so it’s cool.

Rick: I have a real normal home-life. When I get home I am like planting stuff and doing drywall. My neighbors know I have a pretty crazy job because they see me on TV, but they know me as like the normal guy in the neighborhood, which I like.

PEV: Right now is there an up and coming artist we should all be looking out for?

Bryce: Wow, there are a few that we listen to all the time. There is this one guy, Ken Andrews, his solo record is really cool. He was the lead singer of a 90’s band called “Failure”. Also Silverchair is one of my favorite bands. They’ve been around for so long and don’t get as much credit in the US as they should.

Rick: You know Mute Math? They have taken musicianship to a level like… I mean, we were watching their DVD and I had to turn it off (laughs). We were like “I can’t even hang in their league!” I think I should just cash in my chips now (laughs).

PEV: So who is on your iPods right now?

Rick: I actually don’t listen to music on the road (laughs).

Bryce: You know, we play music every day and constantly working. But we go to radio stations for interviews and hear what is going on. In my case though, I’m a classic rock guy. I love The Stones, The Who, The Beatles, stuff like that. We are constantly listening to music, working as a radio band.

PEV: You said before that “the easiest part is going on live”. What can fans expect from tonight’s show?

Rick: By this point there is a good catalog of recognizable tracks. We spent a lot of time putting together a good show. It is an event now!

Bryce: A party… A BIG party.

Rick: It’s going to be a fun night.

PEV: Internationally, which place do you think offers the best scene for music?

Bryce: Japan.

Rick: Japan is pretty cool.

Bryce: Just a winner.

Rick: I like Amsterdam, but I don’t think bands played there when I was there.

Bryce: You just like Amsterdam (laughs).

Rick: Yeah, I do.

Bryce: It’s the world’s Vegas (everyone laughs).

Rick: (In an exaggerated announcer’s voice) The world comes to Amsterdam! Check out Amsterdam! (everyone laughs)

PEV: So what’s next for Lifehouse?

Bryce: We’re going to finish up this tour and still booking up more dates, even into summer and maybe into next year. We are hoping to go overseas, no word on when or how but we are going to do it sometime. We just put a song out on iTunes for Teen Safe Driving with Allstate and it is a great tune. We’ll make another record soon as well.

PEV: Well thanks for taking the time guys and good luck with the show tonight.

Rick: Thanks guys. That was a really fun interview.

Bryce: Yeah, thanks guys, we’ll see you out there.

For more information on Lifehouse and to see when they are coming to your town soon, check out


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