Today’s Feature, May 31-June 1, 2007: Michael McGlone

January 18, 2008 at 6:24 pm (Today's Feature)

The term Renaissance Man, gets thrown around a lot, so much so it
tends to lose its meaning. Often times when a person is labeled a
Renaissance Man, it usually means they are just fluent in more than
one area; when in fact the term Renaissance Man means much more. Then,
you find an individual like Michael McGlone who defines the term,
Renaissance Man. He even seems a little shy when you ask him about
being referred to such a title; which is a good sign of quality
character. However, I am not shy, therefore, let’s run down the proof
shall we:

Music: Two albums-HERO and To Be Down, both receiving critical
acclaim. Along with regular spins on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Writer: McGlone’s novels; “CAL”, “Dice”, and “Hourigan’s Song” and
most recently “And All the Roses Dying,” a story of Hell’s Kitchen,
1952. He also writes short stories and verse.

Actor: The up coming, SpikeTV’s new dramatic series, The Kill Point,
also starring John Leguizamo, Donnie Wahlberg, and Leo Fitzpatrick.
The acclaimed, “The Brothers McMullen”, “She’s the One”, HBO’s “Subway
Stories: Love on the A train”, “The Bone Collector” (with Denzel
Washington), and Paramount Pictures’ “Hard Ball”, “One Tough Cop,”
“Dinner Rush” (with Danny Aiello). CBS’s “That’s Life,” and a guest
star on the dramatic series HACK (that episode was the highest rated
in the show’s history)…Just to name a few. Along with several voice
over works as well.

Man, my hands are starting to cramp up. Do you get where I’m going
with this? One of McGlone’s best attributes is that he looks the part
of an artist. Whether it’s a tough cop, romantic lead, or go-to
sidekick, McGlone makes the character his own. When you hear his
vocals lay over the smooth sounds of his guitar, as in “With You” from
his latest CD, you know that McGlone is a true musician. And when you
crack open one of his books, you know that what you are reading is
more then just literary entertainment; there is a story behind the
story. That is what led me to track down Michael McGlone for a feature
on I was lucky to find him and even luckier to have
him a part of our site. Check out his XXQs to find out why we will be
hearing the name Michael McGlone a bit more often.

XXQs: Michael McGlone (PEV): How and when did you first get involved with music?

Michael McGlone (MM): Per my wishes, I received a guitar for my
twelfth birthday, though for some time, it did little more than
collect dust in my room…until, upon becoming infatuated with a young
woman on a family vacation, when I was 15…I realized I needed to
expand the poetry I was writing her into song, and so, learned the
most basic chords and began to write… I suppose, in some way or
another, that’s still the primary reason for the music…To express
the irrepressible… To give words and melody to sensation and

PEV: What can we expect from your most recent release, To Be Down? And
how is it different from your first self-produced, album HERO?

MM: To Be Down is principally distinguished from HERO as being a more
produced record. HERO was recorded live, over the course of two
days…no separate tracks. To Be Down was recorded over a period of
weeks…with only choice exceptions of one fully live performances of
any songs. Nobody and Breakdown, and Your Name, I believe are it.

PEV: Describe your creative process. Night owl? Lots of coffee? Sketch
out notes?

MM: I have created in all hours…though, most often, with the
Literature, it is in the morning, the Music, at night. I do not sketch
notes, just get to work. In the writing, generally, with a relatively
firm idea (whether it’s a story or I’m at work on a book) of where
I’ll be going in a given day’s journey…but with the Music, it most
often begins with little more than a feeling, a desire, and then the
songs, on the best days, write themselves…

PEV: Do you find writing for one genre (music or literature) to be
more challenging?

MM: As to a more challenging genre, I can’t say, I don’t associate
them with challenges but Happiness…

PEV: Besides writing music, you also have penned other writings as
well (CAL, Dice, and Hourigan’s Song, “And All the Roses Dying”, a
story of Hell’s Kitchen, 1952. How did “And All the Roses Dying” come

MM: And All the Roses Dying I originally thought was going to be a
collection of short stories, dealing with the Irish in 1952 in Hell’s
kitchen. But after I wrote the first installment (the current first
chapter) I realized I was going to write a book…it just naturally

PEV: How has living in New York affected/influenced your work?

MM: I believe wherever anyone is influences them greatly, and from NY
I have been given so much. It is a perfect place, in all its myriad
imperfection. A marvelous exemplar of the human existence….the best
and worst ever equally possible. A stunning Beauty…and a heartbreak.

PEV: What is your favorite part about New York?

MM: That you can’t get away from it. I wish the truth were as
persevering in people’s lives. You can’t avoid it…it’s always
demanding, or showing you, something…whether you wish to see or not,
It’s there. And what it shows you or demands, is always worthwhile. As
an artist, I feel there no superior place in the world.

PEV: With all your travels, do you find one city in particular that
offers the best environment for music and writing?

MM: If you wish, you can create anywhere. And so, I can’t say, though
I Love New York as much as I do, that any one locale is essential. I
take a a lot from it…but for others that would be Austin, Chicago,
Santa Fe, or Pittsburgh.

PEV: What is one thing we would be surprised to hear about Michael McGlone?

MM: There might be a lot of things you’d be surprised to hear about
Michael McGlone. I don’t always know, in fact, I rarely know what
people would find surprising, because you never truly know what people
think. But I wear leather slippers at home, more suited generally, to
a septuagenarian than a thirty-four year old man. But, perhaps that’s
not surprising. Gosh knows is isn’t hip or exciting.

PEV: Tell us about your role in Spike TV’s new drama, The Kill Point
(also starring John Leguizamo, Donnie Wahlberg, and Leo Fitzpatrick),
which airs in July.

MM: I play Deputy Police chief Nolan Abrami. As ambitious as he is
guided by politics and protocol, he is the Voice of Department. The
Man as it were.

PEV: Obviously, you are no stranger to the screen (“The Brothers
McMullen”, “She’s the One”, HBO’s “Subway Stories: Love on the A
train”, “The Bone Collector” (with Denzel Washington), and Paramount
Pictures’ “Hard Ball”, “One Tough Cop”, “Dinner Rush”, “Bad City” and
“That’s Life”, to name just a few) but of all your characters, which
do you find the most enjoyable to play?

MM: Gosh, that’s hard to say. Wherever the writing is best, that’s
where I want to be. Any character well written is a joy. I will say
though, cads are particularly delectable…because you can let go of
so much propriety and sensitivity, and be careless. There’s a freedom
in that. My role in “She’s The One” is a good example of those joys.
To be that absurd and obnoxious is great fun.

PEV: Which actor, director or producer, you have not worked with that
you would like to?

MM: There are so many. As far as actors, to name one I admire greatly
and would love perform with, Nick Nolte. Anthony Hopkins is another.

PEV: Between writing and performing, in what seems to be every genre
imaginable, what do you like to do in your off time?

MM: My life is such a beautiful gift…my happiness so rich, anytime
that is free to me, I would gladly be at work in other areas of my
creative life. A day off from the set spent writing or recording the
Music. Or reading.

PEV: How do you feel about the term often associated with you; Renaissance Man?

MM: I consider it complimentary, deeply.

PEV: How have all your friends and family reacted to your success?

MM: My family and friends are marvelous… I am a very fortunate in
ever respect. I revel in their joys, and they in mine.

PEV: If we were to walk into your house today, what would we find?

MM: A clean, warm home…of dark masculine colors, balanced by dried
roses (the Rose is my favorite) throughout. Various classical artwork
on the walls (Michelangelo, Bouguereau), though the most prized piece
the portrait of a lion my mother painted for me. She is an exceptional
artist, and I never tire of looking at that regal and beautiful work.

PEV: Film, literature, music; which do find to be the most fulfilling and why?

MM: They all fulfill me equally in different ways.

PEV: Having done a lot of voice over work, has anyone ever recognized
your voice, just from hearing you in public?

MM: Yes. And I enjoy that as much as being recognized for the films…

PEV: So, what is next for Michael McGlone?

MM: The completion of The Kill Point, concluding the redraft of my
novel Cal, and a show this summer in New York…

For more information on Michael, check out:


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