Today’s Feature, June 8-9, 2007: Pam Tillis

January 18, 2008 at 6:25 pm (Today's Feature)

There is something to be said about female country singers. Maybe it’s
their confident stage presence, their smooth vocals or maybe it’s the
way they own the stage with lyrics that tell stories of American
values and pride. Regardless, I am continually fascinated with the
style of country music’s unique story telling and even more impressed
when someone comes along and completely changes the game. Pam Tillis
was born a country singer. Being the daughter of the great Mel Tillis,
she is music city royalty. However, Pam Tillis repeatedly rebels
against the norms of country music, making her the definition of what
it means to be a performer. Proof?…CMA Female Vocalist of the Year,
she has written songs for some of the biggest players in country music
and continues to fill her own catalog with unique and catchy music.
Her latest release Rhinestoned, seems to have been her calling, hidden
behind years of growth, maturity, seasoned writing and performing that
only a true professional can possess. From the more laid back and fun,
“Crazy By Myself,” to the deep undertone of “Someone Somewhere
Tonight,” Tillis explores emotion, life, drive and triumph, all in
one. It might be too early to call it a classic, so for now I’ll call
it a favorite. Read her XXQs to find out more.

XXQs: Pam Tillis (PEV): How and when did you first get interested in music?

Pam Tillis (PT): I grew up in a musical atmosphere, and just loved it
from the time I was born.

PEV: Was there a certain time or event that you realized you can
actually make a living playing music?

PT: There was a guy that owned the pizza parlor I was at, and he gave
me my first contact.

PEV: What was it like growing up under one of the most famous
performers; your dad the great Mel Tillis?

PT: Inspiring, yet intimidating!

PEV: When and what was it like the first time you stepped into a studio?

PT: It felt natural, just like home.

PEV: What can people expect from your latest release, Rhinestoned?

PT: It’s very rootsy and organic.

PEV: How is Rhinestoned different from your 2002 release, the
critically acclaimed It’s All Relative (Pam’s tribute to her father,
Mel Tillis)?

It’s really a continuation of the last album.

PEV: What fuels your drive to continuously create great music?

PT: It’s the contribution to music, and the creativity of it.

PEV: Describe the feeling of being announced as the CMA Female
Vocalist of the Year?

PT: Very overwhelming! I felt so very grateful!

PEV: You have traveled and performed all over the world. Which city do
you think offers the best environment for music?

PT: Nashville!

PEV: How has life on the road been for you?

PT: It’s been a mixed blessing. It’s means lots of experience, and its
physically challenging.

PEV: Is there a certain atmosphere you surround yourself in when you
write music?

PT: I need to disconnect from the world, and let my own feelings come into play.

PEV: What do all your friends and family think about your success?

PT: They want me to lighten up and they wonder when I’ll take the time
and get to enjoy it.

PEV: As a successful artist, what advice can you give to people who
are just now starting a band or picking up a guitar?

PT: Are you sure you want to do this?

PEV: If I were to walk into your house right now, what is one thing I
would be surprised to find?

PT: Matching socks.

PEV: When you are not performing, writing or traveling, what can we
find you doing?

PT: Domestic things. Gardening, Cooking, etc.

PEV: What can someone expect from a live Pam Tillis show?

PT: Every show is custom made for that day. No show is the same.

PEV: That is the best part about playing live?

PT: The applause.

PEV: What is currently in your CD player now?

PT: New songs that I’m learning.

PEV: What up and coming artist(s) do you think we should be on the
look out for right now?

PT: Miranda Lambert

PEV: So, what is next for Pam Tillis?

PT: Not sure yet. In the back of my mind, I have the next record to think about.

For more information on Pam Tillis, check out:


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