Today’s Feature, June 24-25, 2007: Abra Moore

January 18, 2008 at 6:26 pm (Today's Feature)

There is something about Abra Moore that seems to relax you. I can’t
quite place it but I can’t help but constantly go back to that feeling
when I listen to her music or hear her story. Moore talks about how
she “has learned a few things about music, life and the intrinsic
value of happiness and balance.” Maybe it was that line alone that
stuck in my head when I started listening to her latest release “On
The Way” or maybe it’s her optimistic outlook on her music and cool
confidence that has me convinced. Regardless, of what draws people to
this Grammy nominated (in the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for
her single “Four Leaf Clover”) artists, we all are caught under the
spell of Abra Moore. She’s seen the world based on her own force to
create music, whether on the stages of Lilith Fair, the studios of
Clive Davis or singing on the streets and cafes of France and Italy.
With songs like, “After All These Years”, “I Believe” and “Take Care
of Me”, you get a small sample of Moore’s vast catalog of soon to be
classics. I highly recommend finding a relaxing place to listen to
Moore and allow her intrigue and charisma keep you in balance. I can’t
place my finger on it what exactly leaves me in pure wonderment over
Moore but frankly, I don’t care…some artists don’t require
pinpointing. Read her XXQs to find out more. (PEV): How and when did you first get interested in music?

Abra Moore (AM): I can’t remember… exactly when– I guess having my
father singing Frank Sinatra tunes from the back seat as a young girl

PEV: What was it like the first time you stepped into a studio to
record your own music?

AM: Many emotions– nervous, excited, inspired…

PEV: What can people expect from your latest release, On The Way?

AM: Another Abra record, this time really mine! I suppose that means
less production and more of me comes through

PEV: How is On The Way, different from your earlier releases?

AM: It’s closer to my first recording; more of the genuine original
content comes through, I hope

PEV: Your song “Four Leaf Clover,” ended up all over the airwaves and
video channels (MTV, VH1), subsequently earning you a GRAMMY
nomination in the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance category. What
was it like to be part of the Grammys?

AM: It was an honor, to be recognized by my peers from this musical community

PEV: You were singed on by legendary producer, Clive Davis and J
Records and later decided to walk away when it stopped feeling right.
Not a lot of people can say they would ever do that. Was following
your intuition over money and big labels, hard?

AM: I am forever grateful to people who want to support my creative expression

PEV: How have your friends and family reacted to all your success?

AM: My family and friends have had nothing but support for my
endeavors, and continue to be allies on my journey through this maze
we call the music business.

PEV: Although born in California, your family moved to Hawaii when you
were young. What was it like to grow up in Hawaii, versus California
and did how did that influence you music?

AM: Hawaii was and is a great place for a child to be raised — you
can’t help but be creatively inspired by all the beauty around you

PEV: Was there a certain event or time in your life that you realized
music was going to be your career?

AM: Realizing I had to quit my day job because my music career was
taking over– I guess that was a sign…

PEV: What was it like to live in France and Italy for a year working
as a musician singing American standards on the streets and in cafes?

AM: Living in Europe definitely helped me to grow as a musician.
Europeans seem to really appreciate American jazz. I loved all the
travel, and especially meeting other street musicians.

PEV: How are the European fans different then the American?

AM: I think a fan is a fan no matter where you are from….

PEV: What was it like to tour with The Lilith Fair, Matchbox 20,
Barenaked Ladies and Collective Soul?

AM: My favorite was touring with the Lilith Fair– so much talent, so
many inspiring artists like Emmylou Harris– she is very special to
me– and Sarah and her entire band! Playing with Matchbox 20 and
Barenaked Ladies, what a blast…

PEV: How is life on the road?

AM: Road life (distinct from real life!) is one big adventure after
another– new cities, new faces, new food, etc…
PEV: What is something people would be surprised to hear about you?

AM: That I groom dogs in my spare time– and I love it!

PEV: When you get some down time, what can we find you doing?

AM: Presently picking out windows and doors and fun things that go
along with building a house!

PEV: What is the best part about playing live?

AM: Connecting… making a connection with the listener

PEV: When you’re live, anything can happen. Any crazy or embarrassing
“live” stories?

AM: When I’m about half dead from the road, and someone yells out
“Freebird” and I say, “here’s your free bird,” and make the
appropriate gesture…. that got me some attention!

PEV: Your songs have appeared in more than 25 films and television
shows including Cruel Intentions, Sliding Doors (with Gwenyth
Paltrow), Happy Texas, Party of Five, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity and
Melrose Place. As well song “Big Sky” was used in the super-hot video
game The Sims. How did it feel to know that your songs were being used
in those genres of entertainment?

AM: I feel support and happy that people are enjoying my music, no
matter what the venue.

PEV: What drives you to create music?

AM: The same thing that drives anyone to create what their passion is,
.. ceramics , teaching, painting, healing… the life force that pumps
through my veins. Just so happens I express through music.

PEV: So, what is next for Abra Moore?

AM: Hopefully I’ll make another record that’s captures my next step on
my journey; that means getting a little closer to realizing my


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