Today’s Feature, April 5-6, 2007: The Fresh

January 18, 2008 at 5:49 pm (Today's Feature)

April 5th and 6th, 2007: The Fresh The Fresh…Here to freshen up the world! recently had a chance to chat with John Fulton from the band, The Fresh. We got a chance to hear exactly how Will Farrell influences a band, why the ladies dig a guy in tight pants and most importantly we found out that The Fresh could very well be one of the funniest and most entertaining bands in America. (PEV): How and when did The Fresh form as a band?

The Fresh- John Fulton (JF): The Fresh was created by John Fulton and Kurt Morgan in late 2003 and the first show was Jan 16,2004 with Kurt on bass and John on guitar. Kurt and John had been working together for a couple years and felt that The Fresh was the best outlet for a comedy/music outlet.

PEV: What’s your take on the music scene like in LA?

JF: There’s two main scenes…the pay to play sunset strip scene and the open mic singer/songwriter scene, we took the latter route. LA is so spread out, it can be tough to get people to show up, so we are careful on where we play and how often.

PEV: How is playing on the west coast different from the east coast?

JF: East coasters want to dance more because they don’t care as much about looking cool. Somebody has to tell people from LA that big glasses aren’t that hip.

PEV: When you write songs, how does the collaboration process work?

JF: John and Jack write most of the material. Sometimes one of them will finish a song alone, in other cases like MySpace, Jack and John feed off each other to find the best melodic path.

PEV: I’m almost afraid to ask…can you elaborate on, as you put it (on your website writing about, “…ex-girlfriends, crazy coworkers, hot moms, celebrity gossip and internet jokes your parents don’t get”.

JF: A lot of our songs are about pop culture and topics that usually off limits to most bands. The Fresh is a great outlet to discuss topics like ex-girlfriends and some guy’s hot mom, cause every man has been there and it’s nice to hear a band sing about it.

PEV: What do you do to prepare for writing music?

JF: We read a lot of papers, trades, websites and keep our eyes and ears open.

PEV: Do you tend to match words to the music first?

JF: Really whatever comes first. We knew we had to write a song about MySpace so our topic was there. In a song like Two Buck Chuck, I had a melody that it fit into…we got lucky! It works all different ways.

PEV: How would you describe your music style?

JF: Our music is melody driven comedy rock. It’s also eclectic. We want you to laugh but if you don’t, we want you to enjoy the music. If you still don’t, you probably didn’t pay that much to get in the club anyway!

PEV: What is an average show day like for The Fresh?

JF: An average day is practicing before the show and just being loose. Did I mention too much time on MySpace? That happens too.

PEV: Any crazy road stories?

JF: We had a stripper start getting “serious” while we played C—blocking. There was a stripper pole and with that song…well you can imagine the rest.

PEV: What’s one thing you want the fans to get out of a live Fresh show?

JF: We want the fans to go home with stories…A story about how Kurt went crazy in a bass solo or how Jack was making fun of an audience member or how The Beatness reminds them of another person. We want them to relate on what we’re singing/saying.

PEV: What’s the best part about playing live?

JF: The best part of playing live is I get to wear my tight pants and show off my giant package. It’s also to feel the energy. Playing live is the celebration to our practicing. When the numbers are good, I know our hard work paid off. It’s really a release.

PEV: What or where is your favorite place to play?

JF: Our fav. place to play is Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. The crowd hears all the words and we hear the crowd. It’s perfect for the maximum fresh experience!

PEV: Who were some of your influences?

JF: My influences personally are combined from music and comedy…Ben Folds, Zappa, Trey, Jerry, Will Farrell, Steely Dan, Bukowski, Coltrane. I let everyone influence me, musician, comedian, writers…anyone that brings it!

PEV: If you had the chance to collaborate with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be? Why?

JF: I would want to collaborate with Ben folds living and Jim Morrison dead. Jim never played an instrument, so he could sing the song, I’ll play it on guitar, then I would steal the song from him. The plan is perfect!

PEV: How did it feel the first time you stepped into a studio to record your own music?

JF: The first time was scary cause we didn’t know what we were doing and the music I was writing really wasn’t that good. $2,000 later we had a CD that sold about 100 albums. Let’s hope the fresh does a little better.

PEV: You obviously offer your songs on your website, but what’s your opinion on downloading music for free?

JF: I never steal music unless…it’s a traditional. I have a gig where I have to play God Bless America this weekend. I won’t be paying for that but everything else I will. The Fresh offer MySpace for free cause we just want people to hear it.

PEV: You have some very unique artwork for the flyers you’ve used to promote shows, care to share?

JF: We’ve been lucky with our artists and the Fresh lets an artist really go off cause of the content that originates. My two favorite artists have been Dan Didsbury and Kurt’s brother Ken Morgan. Wackier the better! We’re stepping it up next month and introducing video flyers…get ready!

PEV: Finish this sentence, “My most embarrassing moment in this band was when…”

JF: …I completely forgot a song. It was when the fresh was just me. I wrote it two days before and bombed…I mean bombed like the Iraq war, like the 1978 star wars ABC Special. Then after I bombed, I had to stay on stage and be the musical director for the show…brutal.

PEV: So, what’s next for The Fresh?

JF: More material…that’s always first. We’re completing our EP and we will tour and make more music. As long as pop culture is alive, so is The FreshTo see more about The Fresh, check out these sites: The


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