Today’s Feature, April 17-18 2007: Mitch Malloy

January 18, 2008 at 5:58 pm (Today's Feature)

The next big thing in country music, Mitch MalloyMitch Malloy is no stranger to the country music scene. He’s toured the US, did the Europe thing, shared the stage with Vince Gill and Amy Grant, has songs on Sirius Satellite Radio (“Breathless”, “Roll” and “My Heart Stays Here” – CH. 60 New Country), turned down an offer from Van Halen to front their band and has a growing following any artist would be envious of. Mitch has the natural talent rarely seen in the music industry and isn’t afraid to do it acoustically as he does in Breathless; a love song for his wife, that sounds like it should be in a John Cusack movie, blaring from a radio while standing on top of a car. He sings with passion, faith and the determination it takes to remain as a mainstay on the country music scene for a very long time. Last night at the CMT Music Awards, his name was not called, however if the country music labels have any sense they’ll wrap him up now before his name is etched in stone as the Best Male Vocalist 2008. Quality music is hard to find, quality musicians even harder and was lucky enough to chat with the next big thing in country music. A guy so down to Earth and real, you sometimes forget how popular Mitch Malloy is. Read his XXQs to find out more…

XXQs: MITCH MALLOY (PEV): At what age did you realize that music was for you?

Mitch Malloy (MM): 6

PEV: What attracted you most to country music?

MM: The songs and the way it’s presented. It’s about the vocal and I like that. Also the playing is always so great on Country records. I really appreciate that.

PEV: Was it difficult going from your hometown of Dickinson, North Dakota, to attending The Cornish Institute of Allied Arts in Seattle and then cross-country to New York City (via VW bus by the way)?

MM: Well I was a kid so everything was new and different then. But it wasn’t easy. It was a huge culture shock moving to Seattle from ND and then a year later to NJ from ND. Huge.

PEV: What does your family and friends think about all your success?

MM: LOL! Success? Is that what you call it? :>) I am one of those people who is constantly pushing himself to do better and more so I don’t feel like I am that successful. My family I think is proud of me. I hope so anyway.

PEV: Since you lived on both coasts, what do you think is the biggest difference in the music scenes?

MM: Well I have lived in Nashville for a long time now and have been away from the coasts so I’m not sure how to answer that. I think the planet has gotten much smaller now with the Internet and the differences are not so varied as they once were. You see the same things now in London as you might see in ND. It’s amazing.

PEV: What was it like the first time you stepped into a recording studio?

MM: A little intimidating to be honest. Now it’s home.

PEV: You have traveled everywhere. What has been your favorite city to perform in?

MM: That’s a tough one. It all depends on the performance and the night I think. London is great. Madrid is great. NYC has been great.

PEV: What is the best part about performing live?

MM: Seeing the fans faces. There is nothing like looking into the eyes of people who are on the same page as you musically while you’re in that musical moment. It’s very spiritual. It’s really Gods music so it’s like you’re in line with God at the same time and you realize it. Very powerful.

PEV: You said that going to Nashville to write with Mike Reid, Dennis Morgan and Mac McAnally has changed your life. Tell us how?

MM: Well hopefully it’s made me better. Those guys are some of the best at what they do. And I got to share that with them and it pulled me up a bit. And now I can share that with other writers. And the listeners.

PEV: Is there a certain environment you prefer to be in when you sit down to write music?

MM: Yes preferably no one is around and it’s quiet. That is always best for me.

PEV: When you wrote “Breathless” (which has over 28,000 plays on Mitch’s MySpace page), was there someone in particular that was meant for?

MM: Yes my wife. She wears jeans and tank tops a lot. Note: Mitch refers to the line in Breathless; “…You don’t need a dress from a fancy shop, wear those jeans and that old tank top and I get Breathless”

PEV: How does it feel to be the only unsigned artist, on Sirius Satellite Radio’s channel 60? But still be one of the most requested?

MM: LOL. Well it’s great in one way and not so great in another. I could use some help. LOL.

PEV: If you could have your pick of any artist, living or passed, to work with, who would it be? Why?

MM: I can’t pick just one. There are so many who have influenced me. So many great ones.

PEV: What is your opinion with offering music online?

MM: Just a song here and there sent out as MP3. I’m selling it on line as well though so it is all good.

PEV: What is in your CD player or on your iPod right now?

MM: Well actually a bunch of my stuff. Because I have been advised to have it on hand in case anyone wants to hear it. I never listen to it though. Honestly I don’t listen to music much as I am either writing it or recording it most of the time. I’ve been that way for a long time now.

PEV: When you are not writing or performing, what can we find you doing?

MM: If it’s winter time I’m watching college basketball. I have become a huge Vanderbilt fan living in Nashville and I’m a season ticket holder. They are in the sweet 16 this week. Pretty amazing (Note: this interview was taken during the NCAA tournament). And fun. Other then that I like watching movies and walking my dogs in the woods behind our house.

PEV: What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about Mitch Malloy?

MM: I don’t know how to answer that. Lets see… I’m really healthy? I’m a very picky eater? I’m married? LOL. I don’t know because I’m me and at this point nothing is a surprise. I actually hope people would be surprised that I am nice. And upon meeting me walk away liking me. That would be a nice surprise I suppose. Or that Van Halen asked me to be their lead singer…So I get a call from Eddie Van Halen, I’m in Nashville about to sign a deal. I tell him I’m about to sign a deal but I’m flattered that he’s calling. He says, “we would love to fly you out and hang out for a few days and see how everyone feels about it”…He says “it’s not an audition, we think we want you in the band”. My head and my ego are saying “WOW Eddie Van Halen just told me he wants me to front his band”. But my heart is saying “I’m not really sure this is the right thing for me”. So anyway, I flew out there (first class) and sang with them and wrote a bit with Eddie and recorded with them and on the 3rd day I get a phone call to come up to the studio and sit and wait in the control room. So, I wait for I don’t know how long but it seemed like an hour (it was probably 5 minutes) and in walks Eddie. The door closes behind him. He stops and says, “Well, we just had a meeting and everyone agrees, your one of the nicest guys we have ever met, you look amazing and you sing your @$$ off. Congratulations, your in the band”. Walks up to me, I stand up, he puts his hands on my shoulders and gives me a kiss on each cheek and walks out of the room. I sit back down at the mixing board and just kind of shake my head saying under my breath. “I’m in Van Halen”. Then I sort of chuckle. So in the following days we make music and do a lot of talking and eventually I fly back to Nashville. When I get back to Nashville I feel like I’m really home. In the next few days I search my heart and soul and I just don’t feel like it’s the right move for me. So I write them a letter saying thanks for the opportunity but I will have to pass on the gig. Eddie and I stayed in touch for a while but now it’s been some time since I have spoken to him. I really must say though that he treated me like his younger brother and was very nice to me, told me I was part of the family etc. And Al and Mike were also fantastic. Great guys all of them. So then the deal in Nashville fell through and here I am still an indie artist. Oh well. I’m happy and healthy and I love my music. It’s all Gods plan. I follow his path. :>) Surprised? LOL!

PEV: Your faith has helped shape your music in so many ways. It seems like a healing method for you.

MM: h yeah without God I have nothing. Nothing. It’s really all about God for me. That permeates everything I do.

PEV: What is the best advice you can give to a person who dreams of becoming a musician and singer?

MM: Follow your dreams as long as they are reasonable. I mean hopefully you can sing or play. :>) Otherwise it could be very, very difficult for you. I just think people need to do what they feel called to do in life. That will create a much more peaceful planet.

PEV: So, what is next for Mitch Malloy?

MM: I’m working on a new CD right now and planning a very busy summer. And you never know what might be around the next corner… To find out more about Mitch Malloy, check out: and


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