Today’s Feature, January 6th-7th: 2nd Day Crush

January 6, 2008 at 9:25 pm (Today's Feature)


In this musical land ruled by MySpace, digital downloads and computer-savvy artists, it’s more and more difficult to stand out as a band (obviously). Every generation Y kid who grew up being told they would be huge rock stars and celebrities are now searching for ways to force their dreams into fruition. Most still aim for the one thing that they feel will guarantee success: being signed to a label. Sure, there is about a billion more record companies out there today than yesteryear, but there are also a lot of generation Y kids out there beating the same path.

2nd Day Crush didn’t worry about traveling the beaten path, even though they could have. Having the talent necessary, they were signed to a label. However they soon realized that a label wasn’t on their trail to musical glory, and took off on their own to produce the debut album, “From the Nights You Lost Your Voice.” Lead singer Chris Drizen feels “there are a lot of reasons to lose your voice. You could be screaming at someone because they pissed you off, you could have been singing and yelling because you are having a good time, you could have been so emotionally hurt you couldn’t talk, or it could be more figurative, in a political way. Each song on the record could be a reason that a person would lose their voice.”

The record “touches on everyday circumstances in an unconventional way,” with attentive lyrics that spark and burst with emotion and power suggestive to the roots of pop-rock music. If you find yourself at a show and overhear “a Catholic, a Muslim, a Jew, an Agnostic, and an Atheist walk into a bar,” know they’re referring to 2nd Day Crush. And if you find yourself asking, “What’s the story behind the name?” Ð don’t expect to hear anything. They’ll never tell. Head to the web site to learn more about their charitable efforts, pick up the new CD and jump into the XXQ’s.

XXQs: 2nd Day Crush (PEV): Tell us how 2nd Day Crush first got together as a band?

Chris Drizen (lead vocals, guitar): It was a lengthy process in a way. Bassist Rick and I were at what we thought was an album release party- turns out it was just a block party in Hollywood Hills that got broken up. I had a show coming up [as a solo artist] and I needed a bass player, so we got to talking. Rick and I hit it off as soon as we met at that party, and although our influences were very different, our ideas on how to make a great band were quite similar. After we did the show, we decided to build up a band. We put out ads for musicians, and after auditioning numerous guitar players we met Rami, our guitarist. He walked in the room and we clicked with him before he even started playing. He mentioned that his roommate/best friend played the drums so we gave him a shot, too. The second George started banging on the drums, we all started jamming. We immediately knew we had something different than the average band. After doing a bunch of recordings and shows as a four-man group, we all felt that I needed to step out from behind the guitar. A good friend of mine named Jeremy was in a band that had just broken up, and we all knew he would be a perfect fit. He is insanely talented. The second we started rehearsing with him, we knew he had found the missing piece to the puzzle.

PEV: Growing up, what kind of music were you listening to?

Chris: Each one of us is different when it comes to that question. We are truly a blend of different influences and music vibes. Rick comes from a strong Motown background: Larry Graham, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Smokey Robinson inspire him. The film “The Crossroads” inspired Jeremy to learn how to play the guitar. He loved Led Zeppelin, yet also grew an affinity for hip-hop, like the Wu-Tang Clan. As he started to grow as a guitar player, he also fell in love with the grunge scene, you know, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. Rami got a tattoo because he was a huge fan of the band Hot Rod Circuit; however, he recently has been listening to a lot of pop country. He has influences from all over the musical spectrum. George first fell in love with Fleetwood Mac and Genesis. That is how he first started playing drums. Now he’s into bands like Paramore, Finch, Jack’s Mannequin, The Rocket Summer, and Jimmy Eat World. As for myself, my first love was The Beatles. I used to put on a suit, comb my hair down, and pretend to be Paul McCartney. Soon after, I was into Prince’s music. As I grew up, my influences became more “brit-pop,” like Radio Head, Oasis, Garbage, and Blur. I love music from the 90s and that also gave me a huge love for the alternative country genre. I think all of our influences really shape the band’s sound and give it a unique perspective. If we all like a song, and what we are doing, then we think it has got to be pretty good.

PEV: Tell us about the first time you performed together as a band. Was it an instant connection?

Chris: When we all five of us first started playing together, we sounded great in the studio, but wondered how we would sound live. Since we were a band before Jeremy came along, we already had a fan base established. Therefore, the first time we played live as the new band, it was for a fan’s birthday party. She had rented out a little pizza parlor in Long Beach and hired us to play. We didn’t kill it, but we knew we had something special. Even the cooks peaked their heads out to watch!

PEV: How have you changed from the very first performance to where you are today?

Chris: Drastically. We really perform as unit now. Honestly, it took us a little while to find our show legs, and we had to learn from each other in order to do that. I think it took us time to really communicate to the audience. I feel like we now perform with integrity, and the audience can feel our love for what we are doing– to us that was a huge step.

PEV: How have all your friends and family reacted to your career?

Chris: Well, right now we’ve got their support, for the most part. It definitely took a while. Three out of five of us are college-educated, so some of our friends and family have questioned our career choices to pursue the music industry in full force. But, each of us has a friend or family member that has never stopped believing in us and that has been vital. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their support.

PEV: What can fans expect from a live 2nd Day Crush performance?

Chris: Well, we have a blast on stage and I think that our audience feels the emotions along with us. Our songs can be pretty expressive– we have a lot to say through our lyrics and we try to communicate that through our live show. You can expect to see fans singing along, the guys playing it up with funny facial expressions and all of us putting out loads of energy!

PEV: Finish this sentence, “The most embarrassing time for the band was when…”

Chris: We were in the middle of nowhere on our way to Vegas and we decided to stop at a Denny’s to eat. Rami was wearing these little shorts, and while we walking in, his shorts ripped, and he wasn’t wearing any underwear. The entire restaurant just stared at him, gawking. It was pretty embarrassing… ok, mainly for Rami!

PEV: What can we take away from your debut album, “From The Nights You Lost Your Voice”?

Chris: I honestly feel that it is a great record. Someone asked me why we decided to title it “From the Nights You Lost Your Voice” and I said because there are a lot of reasons to lose your voice. You could be screaming at someone because they pissed you off, you could have been singing and yelling because you are having a good time, you could have been so emotional hurt you couldn’t talk, or it could be more figurative, in a political way. Each song on the record could be a reason that a person would lose their voice, and when someone listens to it, we hope they will take that away with them.

PEV: How is “From the Nights You Lost Your Voice” different from other albums out today?

Chris: I guess that is for the listeners to decide, isn’t it? I think we touch on everyday circumstances in an unconventional way. Although have a pop sound blended with some great rock, we also have something significant to say in our lyrics. It is hard to find that combination in music today.

PEV: What is your take on today’s music scene?

Chris: That there is no “scene” at all. I think the industry is drastically changing and that is both exciting and scary as hell. The music industry is evolving and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

PEV: In all of your travels, which city has been your favorite to play and why?

Chris: Denver, Vegas, and Boston, probably in that order. Being that two of us are from Denver and Boston, we get treated really well. Vegas has treated us the best so far, so we love that city.

PEV: How is life on the road for you? Best and worst parts?

Chris: The best is playing live shows, especially when we are in a place where we don’t know anyone and people are singing along to our songs at the shows. That blows my mind. We all love food, and we love to try new things, so we like to go “exploring” in all the different towns and see what we can get into. The worst part of being on the road is that when one of us gets sick, we all get sick!

PEV: Is there and up and coming band out today that you think we should all be looking out for?

Chris: Yeah, 2nd Day Crush, [laughs]. No seriously. Us. I’m already excited for our next record!

PEV: Who is currently on your iPod or in your CD player right now?

Chris: Right now I have David Bowie and the Once soundtrack. You know what record is great and we all love? The new Johnny Lang. That record is the truth. People should check that out.

PEV: What’s one thing we would be surprised to hear about the members of 2nd Day Crush?

Chris: We are so eclectic. We have a Catholic, a Muslim, a Jew, an Agnostic, and an Atheist. We are from LA, which really means we come from Boston, Chicago, Colorado, London, and Tampa.

PEV: 2nd Day Crush is an interesting name for a band, any story behind that?

Chris: Yes, but we will never tell! We like people to interpret it however they want. It’s more fun.

PEV: What can we find you doing in your spare time, away from performing?

Chris: What spare time? We work independently and have barely any spare time, because we want to flourish. With that said, we are pretty big movie buffs. We tend to have conversations in movie quotes. Also, Rick, Jeremy, and I all grew up in big sports towns, so we’re into that too.

PEV: What artist out today would you like to collaborate with? Why?

Chris: That answer would be different for each of us. I think Mike Elizondo would be great to work with, also David Grohl. I know Rami and I would kill to work with Ryan Adams and Beck.We want to work with people who want to work with us, that is important. We have worked with some big names, but it felt a bit forced at times. We all need to click.

PEV: What one word, best describes 2nd Day Crush?

Chris: Super-ultra-wicked-mega-love (if you know what I am ripping off here, then you are wicked cool and probably from Boston or Spain).

PEV: So, what is next for 2nd Day Crush?

Chris: We just shot a video with director Chris Laughter, and we’ll be pushing that. Then, we’re hitting the road to support the record. We have a great album and we’re ready to share it. We will also be releasing an EP that has dance remixes, rock-hops (our friend from The Villains is going to be rapping over the verses of a couple of our songs) and broken down acoustic numbers in mid-2008 as well.

For more information on 2nd Day Crush, check out


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