Today’s Feature, December 27th-28th: Cinder Road

December 28, 2007 at 6:19 pm (Today's Feature)


Thank the rock Gods for bands like Cinder Road – groups who recall what it is to be more than a band – what it is to be a true group of entertainers. To put it simply, Cinder Road wants to resurrect the days of “pyro, big light shows, huge stages, ramps, swings, and all that crazy stuff.” I say more power to them!

Like most 20-somethings, I find myself doing what I can on a weekly basis at the bars and clubs downtown, listening to a mix dominated by pop and techno sounds. Am I alone, or is the best part of the night when that growl of “Living on a Prayer” comes booming over across the subwoofer? Instantly, visions of old school Bon Jovi shoot into my head along with other great 80’s stage acts like Van Halen. If you remember images such as these, then you probably agree – the world could use some rock bands performing concerts that are “a good time all the way around.”

While Cinder Road will agree that “different bands have different ways of expressing their songs on stage,” they also realize “how to push the right buttons and tug on the heartstrings to win over the masses.” They do so by looking to acts like Jovi and Van Halen, merging “old school rock sensibility with a modern, pop metal approach – underscored by a unique flavor of attitude and presence reminiscent of the 80’s arena rock era.”

You can learn about his new sound on the band’s latest album “Superhuman.” Working with veteran producer Marti Frederiksen, a man who has worked with the likes of Aerosmith, Def Leppard and Ozzy Ozbourne, Cinder Road has created a collection of “high-octane rockers and heartfelt ballads.” You’ve probably already heard a few of their latest singles. If not, keep your ear out for both “Should’ve Known Better” as well as Get In Get Out,” both representative of the Cinder Road philosophy. The band will be on the road for most of 2008, so catch a show after you dive into the XXQ’s.

XXQs: Cinder Road (Mike)

Pen’s Eye View: How and when did Cinder Road first form as a band?

Mike: Most of us started in a band called “Plunge” in 1995 in Baltimore where we grew up. Pat and Nat we met in the local music scene and eventually asked them to join the band which became Cinder Road.

PEV: Growing up who were listening to?

. M: A lot of 80’s and arena rock bands. Def Leppard, Bon jovi, Aerosmith.

PEV: Tell us about the first time you performed live as Cinder Road. Did you think, then that you would be where you are now?

M: Our first show as CR was the very first night of the Daughtry Tour. We stepped foot on stage for the first time as a group in front of a sold-out crowd and numerous label, management and industry people. Quite the trial by fire! All went well though and we are very happy to be where we are.

PEV: What can people expect from a live Cinder Road performance?

M: We pride ourselves on our live show. We are a very visual band and we try to make the shows as energetic and entertaining as possible.

PEV: Was there a certain time in your life when you decided that music was going to be a career for you?

M: The moment I stepped on stage for the first time.

PEV: Tell us about the early days for the band when you were first starting out.

M: We began playing talent shows, small clubs and parties. We initially did a ton of cover shows to make money as we began writing our own music. Eventually we made the change to an original band.

PEV: What can fans expect from “Superhuman”?

M: I think “SuperHuman” is a very well rounded rock album that most fans of old fashioned rock and roll would enjoy. We are very proud of the record, hopefully others enjoy it as well.

PEV: How is “Superhuman” different from other albums out today?

M: I try not to compare our band or album to others. I like the fans to make there own opinions up.

PEV: What’s your take on today’s current music scene?

M: The music scene is in a tough spot. Records aren’t selling and labels are in trouble but the saving grace is that people will always want new, fresh music, because of this bands will always have work.

PEV: Who are you currently listening to?

M: 12 Stones, Candelbox, Aerosmith, Lep.

PEV: What up and coming artist do you think we should all be listening to now?

M: Cinder Road!

PEV: In all your travels, which city do you think offers the best appreciation for music?

M: Each city has a different personality but we like the mid-west and the south.

PEV: How is life on the road been for you? Best and worst parts?

M: I really love to tour, so aside from missing my family and friends I am pretty content on the bus.

PEV: When you are not traveling or performing, what can we find you doing in your spare time?

M: Catching up with friends and making sure the band stays busy!

PEV: What’s one thing, people would be surprised to hear about the guys of Cinder Road?

M: I am not really sure. I think we are a pretty accessible band, send me some strange questions!

PEV: When you sit down two write music, what kind of environment do you surround yourselves in?

M: Whatever environment I am in at the moment I feel moved to write. It could be a hotel room, my house or in the studio.

PEV: In one word, describe Cinder Road?

M: Rock!

PEV: You said, “The days of pyro, big light shows, huge stages, ramps, swings, and all that crazy stuff?

M: We want to bring that back.” With that, why do you think so many other artists are more content with not putting on a “good show” for the fans? Different bands have different ways of expressing their songs on stage. We want our concerts to be a good time all the way around. We want a light hearted, fun atmosphere. I dislike when bands take themselves too serious.

PEV: How have all your friends and family back home reacted to your success?

M: I will always be my parents son, my friends buddy from years ago so I think everyone is happy for us but we are not getting any special treatment.

PEV: So, what is next for Cinder Road?

M: Releasing “Should’ve Known Better” as our 2nd single in Jan and Touring all of 08! For more info please visit our website.

For more information on Cinder Road, check out


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  1. Michele said,

    I LOVE Cinder Road!!!!! You really should see them live!!!

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