Today’s Feature, October 30th & 31st: Local Celebrity

November 2, 2007 at 2:44 pm (Today's Feature)


So no one likes you, eh? Not a hit with people in general? Would those around you label you as “un-cool?” If so, I have great news! If you want it… there is help! All it takes is a fashion-sense adjustment from a company with t-shirts that are “just cool… they’ve got flavor, they’ve got freshness, they’ve got cool.” Local Celebrity, the company that formed in 2003 out of a horse stable in San Diego is alive and streaking to success today in “a glamorous part of downtown LA known as skid row.”

Local Celebrity crashed the scene like a “heavy metal thunder,” kicking things off with t-shirts bearing slogans such as “Alabama – so many recipes, so few squirrels.” It’s these types of twists that make the upstart clothing company so impressive, and people have been relaying the news across the country. In fact, celebrities of all kinds have taking a shine to LC; comedians like Carlos Mencia and artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Sean Paul.

The vibe of the “friendly So-Cal community” absolutely influences the style behind the shirts – It’s that “no worries” perspective on life – all you need are some “flip flops, jeans and a good fitting t-shirt.” And that’s exactly where Local Celebrity comes in. If you don’t already own an LC shirt, check out and pull out your credit card. It’ll likely be the most vogue move you’ll pull all year. Read on for the answers to the XXQ’s.


Pen’s Eye View: How and when did Local Celebrity first start?

Local Celebrity: It all started back in 2003. First came the desire to work for ourselves, then came the name Local Celebrity, then came the first set of graphics…since then things have been progressing so quickly, we’re just riding the wave.

PEV: Was fashion always something you were interested in?

LC: Yes and no. For our sister, fashion has been a passion of hers since she was yay high, and as for us boys…we’ve always liked wearing cool clothing but didn’t have an abundance of fashion knowledge until we dove into the industry head first. Now we’ll probably be conscious of fashion and trends forever.

PEV: In the earlier days, in your grandma’s ranch and barn in San Diego, did you ever think then, that Local Celebrity would have taken off so well and become such a hit?

LC: Ummmm…no. We knew that we had a good thing going but because our knowledge of the industry was limited, we didn’t understand the potential out there for an original product like ours. We’re definitely blessed.

PEV: What was the first shirt you printed? What the reaction from that?

LC: I don’t remember the first shirt we printed, but I do remember the first big wholesale account we landed. Urban Outfitters ordered a shirt we had that said, “Alabama – so many recipes, so few squirrels”. It flew off the shelves which was a good gauge for what was to come.

PEV: Describe to us your creative process. Being siblings and all having unique ideas, does each person focus on one thing or do you all collaborate? Process?

LC: I would say the only process we have is to keep up on trends, keep ourselves in good moods, listen to good music, and just be ourselves. Our best concepts are the ones that come without thinking too much about them. They’re more random, more original, and usually funnier.

PEV: You said that the shirts go great with the “friendly So-Cal community”. What is the best part about Southern California that we can’t find anywhere else in the country?

LC: Well, true southern Californians have a “no worries” kind of attitude. That translates into their style which is very casual, flip flops, jeans, and a good fitting t-shirt. Since I haven’t been everywhere in the US of A, it’s hard to say what every other place doesn’t have…but I do know that So Cal has a lot of great beaches, good looking people, great fashion, expensive cars, and huge houses.

PEV: What has been the hardest part about building the company from the ground up?

LC: Probably finding ways to meet the demands of our product. Working with siblings can be challenging, too – but we’ve managed pretty well.

PEV: The shirts have been a grassroots to big time success. When did you realize that Local Celebrity is officially “on the map”?

LC: Um, probably when we took a birds-eye look at our range of our distribution, seeing the accounts we were in good standing with, and every time we meet random people who know of Local Celebrity…that just really confirms it. It’s a pretty humbling and exciting place to be.
PEV: Have you ever received negative feedback from a shirt that people found “inappropriate”?

LC: Yeah, we have. When Local Celebrity first started, we stayed far far away from any references to sex, drugs, alcohol, or vulgar language. Over the years we’ve allowed a few concepts to go through that some people feel compromised our integrity. We realized we’ll never be able to please everyone, so we’re going to just make cool t-shirts that we ourselves would feel comfortable wearing.

PEV: Music plays a lot into the pop culture concept of the line. Who are you currently listening to?

LC: Everyone here has different taste in music, and everyone individually has a very diverse taste in music. We probably cover every genre of music…except country! Carrie Underwood is okay though…she sports our gear so she definitely gets our love.

PEV: Your site shows that a lot of celebrities are wearing your shirts. Do you remember the first time you saw a celebrity (in person or in a magazine) wearing your shirts? What was your reaction? Why do you think so many celebrities are catching onto the trend?

LC: I think Kelly Clarkson was the first celeb we saw in LC clothing. We were super stoked, she had just won American Idol and a customer sent us the pics. It was so encouraging to see such a high profile person so confidently wearing our shirts(on multiple occasions!). I think celebrities are catching onto Local Celebrity because our shirts are, simply put, cool, and when you have a good product you don’t have to bribe someone to rep it. We live in LA, we’re sold in almost every A-list account in all major cities, especially LA, and our shirts bring out the best in people. What person, including celebrities, isn’t about that?

PEV: What do all your friends and family think about your success?

LC: They’re all stoked. Our younger cousins have fun telling their friends that their oldest cousins own Local Celebrity, our parents are super proud, and our friends are happy for us. Our loved ones support us in a big way which is a great thing to take comfort in.

PEV: When you all are not working, what can we find you doing in your spare time?

LC: Rocking out on the guitar, mixin’ it up on the Technics, playing basketball…whatever’s clever! We’re always chillin’ the most, though.

PEV: Are there any other designers/companies that have helped influence your style?

LC: Not really. Unfortunately, we’re the ones that tend to inspire knock-off artists. I can think of one company in particular that if they didn’t have our designs to bite off of, they probably wouldn’t be in business.

PEV: Do you plan to offer any other kinds of clothing in the future?

LC: Oh heck yea! It’s just a matter of time, but I promise you’ll be seeing more products very very soon.

PEV: Have you come across any other young designers in the business right now? Anyone you think we should be looking out for?

LC: Nope! We believe we’ve inspired a lot of people to start t-shirt companies similar to ours, but we’ve yet to find one that comes correct and that keeps it as real as we do.

PEV: What is it about Local Celebrity that separates your shirts from any other company out there today?

LC: I don’t know exactly what it is, but you know it when you see it. And you’ll definitely know it once you wear one of our shirts around town. Our shirts are just cool…there’s really no other word that encompasses all that Local Celebrity is. We’ve got flavor, we’ve got freshness, we’ve got cool. Most of our competition relies heavily on other people or companies to make them cool. There are some brands that primarily do licensing, thus relying on the image of the license to sell their product. Then there are brands that will put out a Will Farrell quote on a t-shirt the day after one of his movies is released. We like to think we can write the one-liners that Will Farrell delivers…not just copy them.

PEV: One word, what do you want people to think when they see Local Celebrity gear
LC: Cool.

PEV: In all your travels, which city do you think offers the best atmosphere for fashion?

LC: LA…anything goes!

PEV: So, what is next for Local Celebrity?

LC: What’s next…well,hopefully a whole lot more business ventures, a whole lot more sales, and always an abundance of flavor!

For more information on Local Celebrity, check out


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