Today’s Feature, September 28th & 29th: Cobra Starship

September 28, 2007 at 11:11 am (Today's Feature)


If there ever was a band that was meant to be, that needed to exist, that united when the stars were set flawlessly, it would be Cobra Starship. Ever hear the story behind the creation of this musical force? Hell, this whole damn intro would be more entertaining and informative simply by telling the tale! Here’s the synopsis: Moving from Uruguay to the Bronx, Gabe Saporta realizes that he wants to be a rock star…He takes full-size leaps towards stardom, but also picks a lot of fights along the way…Gabe then finds himself lost! Leaving without meaning or purpose!…He decides to head for the “arid wastelands of the Arizona desert to contemplate his existence.”

This is where it gets exciting. One night out in the desert, Gabe is bit by a cobra, but not just any cobra. This cobra is unique – very unique. This creature came from the future on a starship to inform Gabe that there was no salvation for man, and that only the cobras will survive to see the world’s final days. This is how Gabe learned the purpose of his life – “to make sure mankind goes out in style… teaching hipsters to not take themselves so seriously and telling emo kids to stop being pussies.”

Thank goodness for that cobra. After these events, Cobra Starship materialized, taking the skills learned that faithful night to create a sound that is more than imaginative – it goes where it wants with unforeseen actions that arouse the eardrums and amuse the senses. That invention can be heard in all it’s majesty on their upcoming release, “While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets.” Gabe describes the album as pure entertainment, a party that was created with one goal in mind – to have as much fun as possible. The new record will be in stores October 10th; so buy it, prepare for world domination, and read their XXQs.

XXQs: Cobra Starship (PEV): How did Cobra Starship first form? Alex Suarez (AZ): Well, when I moved to New York it just so happened I moved upstairs from Rob Hitt who was the drummer from “Midtown” and he is the reason why I and Ryland met him. Gabe met Nate when Nate was drum teching for the band “Armor for Sleep” and Victoria we found on MySpace (although we actually knew her before).

PEV: (Gabe Saporta) You moved to Queens [from Montevideo, Uruguay] at the age of four. You had dreams of being a rock star early on. What were the earlier musical days like for you?

GS: I grew up listening to hip hop and then I discovered Nirvana and it kind of snowballed from there… through Nirvana I found Superchunk, Pavement, Fugazi etc and I got more and more into punk rock.

PEV: Tell us what happened to you that night in the desert when you were bitten by the cobra.

GS: The cobra took me on an intergalactic journey and taught me how to dance… for a visual check out our video for “Send my Love the the Dancefloor, I’ll See you In Hell”.

PEV: Was there a certain time or event that you realized you wanted to make music a career?

AS: For me I wanted to since I was little. I used to lip-sync all the time to Motley Crew and Slaughter when I was really young because my brother was really into hair metal.

PEV: What was it like the first time you stepped into a recording studio? What was going through your head?

AS: The first time I stepped into a studio was actually at Full Sail in Orlando, Florida. I recorded there with my old band for my friends project. Thoroughly impressed with the set-up in a state of the art studio I was very nervous. Then they told me that SHAQ recorded his record in the same room on the same console…. Turns out he spilled a diet coke all over it that was the first thing they told us when I walked in… I’ve never been more nervous to ask for something to drink.

PEV: What can people expect from your latest release “While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets”? And how is different from other albums out today?

AS: Well, we take pride in not taking ourselves too serious and that is definitely reflected in our record. We wanted to create a party record that has 1 goal to accomplish. HAVE FUN!!!! Music is entertainment, we just want our fans to have a good time listening to our songs.

PEV: What can fans expect from a live Cobra Starship performance?

AS: Tons of dancing, tons of sass, 5 good looking people shredding away and having the time of their lives right beside the people that count the most to them, the fans.

PEV: How has life on the road been for you and the band? What is the best and worst part?

AS: It has been intense. We have done every size tour possible which is amazing and we did it all in the first year of being a band; everything from small clubs to theaters small and large to arenas and amphitheaters. There is a lot of down time. On the Honda Civic Tour we had a shit load of down time so we decided to write another record on the road which Patrick Stump produced and will be releasing in the fall of 2007. The best part is the traveling; we just did a world tour with The Academy Is… and we literally went around the world from NY and back to NY. Being in this band I’ve gone to places I never thought I would go.

PEV: In all your travels, which city, international or in the states, do you think has the best music scene? As well which is your favorite to play?

AS: Canada has been amazing. Montreal and Toronto and Vancouver, all very, very awesome… We have always had a blast going there and will continue to I’m sure.

PEV: Who would you like to collaborate with that you may have not?

AS: T.I., Wanye Brady and Bill Paxton.

PEV: Is there an up and coming artist or band on the scene right now that we should all be listening to?

AS: RATATAT, Valencia,Uffie and Chromeo

PEV: When you write music, what kind of element do you surround yourself in?

AS: I’m not picky about that as long as there are creative people around me.

PEV: What was it like the first time Cobra Starship played live on stage?

AS: We actually did 4 songs at this small, small club in NY before we went to do our first real set at the Key Club in LA which was right before we did Jimmy Kimmel Live the same night as the premier for SOAP.

PEV: What is one thing we’d be surprise to hear about Gabe Saporta?

GS: I love cat tattoos.

PEV: What do all your friends and family back home think about your success?

AS: I get nothing but support.

PEV: When you are not writing, performing or traveling, what can we find you doing?

AS: sleeping, eating and always writing and recording at home.

PEV: What is it like to have your songs in such movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Snakes On A Plane? Did you like the way they were used?

AS: Totally. It’s pretty sweet because we are all huge Samuel Jackson fans and we were all mega fans of TMNT when we were little.

PEV: What is your take on the current American music scene?

AS: Is what it is. It’s different from when I was younger but still, if you tour a lot and try your best to put on a sweet show, kids will support you.

PEV: So, what is next for Gabe Saporta and Cobra Starship?

AS/GS: World Domination in ’08

For more information on Cobra Starship, check out

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