Today’s Feature, September 14th & 15th: Matt Stamm

September 14, 2007 at 9:49 am (Today's Feature)


Matt Stamm is one lucky musician… but lucky in the best of ways. Allow me to explain – every day, millions of people sitting on sites such as MySpace view thousands of artists working on their harmonious craft and decide that a career in music is what they want. Every day, artists of some kind are born – most of which you’ll never hear of. This is generally due to a lack of talent, but sometimes a lack of opportunity is at fault, or a lack of experience.

Matt Stamm is lucky because he’s been able to absorb the kind of knowledge that makes a true musician successful. Growing up in upstate New York, Stamm took to music at a young age, but didn’t begin to take his skill seriously until he arrived at Boston University and met roommate Charlie Diego. As Stamm’s talent matured, he met Jon Hartstone, and thus The Perfect Candidates were born. These valuable experiences continued to contribute to the formation of Stamm’s current sound, including one tough night at The Kells Pub in Boston, where his first live performance turned out to be a sour but valuable lesson.

Today, Matt is on his own and has recently released his EP, “Where Do We Go?” Building off of the 2005 release, “I Could Be Happy Here,” Stamm calls this collection his strongest one yet – “the song writing is at a new level, the production is top-notch (thanks to producer Russ Desalvo),” and thanks to work with renowned vocal coach Don Lawrence, Matt is “the strongest he’s ever been vocally.”

Look out for Stamm around New York City in venues such as The Bitter End, The Lion’s Den, Makor, and The Living Room, and even gigging with The Rideaways on keyboard. Go ahead and get into his XXQ’s at


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