Today’s Feature, September 12th & 13th: The Pat McGee Band

September 12, 2007 at 9:43 am (Today's Feature)

pmbfeat.jpgFortunately for me, I’ve lived my whole life right around the roots of the Pat McGee Band here in that teeming area around the capital beltway, somewhere in between DC and Northern VA. It’s because of this that I have to continually remind myself that not everyone knows who the feel-good band is around here. The Pat McGee Band is that group that makes the work week seem like a distant memory, providing melodies to sing along to with a smile on your face that hangs around so long, it begins to hurt to keep up.

The band knows this is what their audience is craving, “to smile no matter what kind of day they’ve been through.” The Pat McGee Band formed in March of 1996, and really hasn’t looked back since. Their latest work, “These Days (The Virginia Sessions)” was produced by Todd Wright, a former member of the band. Pat himself will tell you that “He (Wright) was the first producer that ever ‘got’ what we are about and what our fans love about us.” Add to that the fact that Pat feels the album contains his best songwriting yet, and you’ve stumbled across a collection of songs “you can simply leave on repeat.”

While relaxing away an afternoon with the Pat McGee Band in your stereo sounds just about perfect, you should really get out to see a show. After all, this is a band known for their performances – always different, always fresh, and will always “leave you with a few tunes stuck in your head.” The guys will be out on tour with Josh Kelley all over the U.S., so check for a date near you, and look over their answers to the XXQ’s at


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