Today’s Feature, September 8th & 9th: horizonfall

September 8, 2007 at 11:28 am (Today's Feature)


Everyone knows of a band that simply stands for music. They’re not about glamour, they’re not about glitz – they’re about producing a sound that not only says something about who they are and where they’ve been, but is also something their audience can buy into without being cheated. If you don’t know of that band, then prepare to hear about horizonfall (yes with a lower case “h”), your musical knight in shining armor.

Carmine Scandura, Jon Jordan, Levi Baybay and Alex Ocampo, the foursome out of South Florida are one of the few bands currently out on the indie scene, not trying to make it with some tacky melody about break-ups and late nights. Just look at their first single “Season of Change.” It was written by Jon – a tune he uses to describe his life, and it doesn’t pull any punches. You’ll find song after song like this on their album, “Time.” The group couldn’t be more proud to produce a record that not only eliminates unnecessary “filler tracks,” but also takes horizonfall to a new level through lyrics that were written in the heat of the moment (not in the heat of a deadline). The band’s vision is to “ignite a new movement for fans to listen to rather than settle for the overplayed sounds heard today.”
horizonfall hopes to help others make similar leaps in music, recently reviving a wounded indie circuit by hosting “Rockhard Saturday’s at Murphy’s Downtown” in Boca Raton. Each Saturday, rock bands perform their set in front of packed crowds in hopes of winning a chance to perform at the Buzz Bake Sale (The Biggest Concert Event of the Year from 103.1 The Buzz). If you head down to one of the shows, you may even have the chance to watch horizonfall perform themselves. They’ll be happy to help you release a little aggression through their thunderous sound. Look out for “Time,” and check out their XXQ’s.


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