Today’s Feature, September 6th & 7th: Gilberto

September 6, 2007 at 9:06 am (Today's Feature)


Starting has been a striking experience – each week I research and write about aspiring artists with great talent; artists that I’ve known about for some time, and artists that I have never seen or heard of before in my life. Sometimes I feel a little guilty if I don’t know my subject matter as much as I’d like to, and I’ll be honest – Prior to working with him through, I had no idea who Gilberto was.

However, after getting to know this performer, I realized two things:
1) I no longer felt guilty for my ignorance, and
2) This guy should have been noticed a looooooong time ago.

You see, Gilberto himself will tell you, “Nobody knows who I am.” Which sucks. It really does. This composer, producer, painter and musician is full of talent – the man was playing Zepplin on his guitar when he was in the sixth grade! But his musical capacity doesn’t end there – just check out his latest collection, “Outside the Box.” The album represents “a maximum expression of creativity,” refusing to hold back and apologizing for nothing. Gilberto describes one song, “Lucid,” as a “true experiment in the crossover zones of technology and the human spirit,” requiring a dozen musicians to perform properly.

Gilberto can match his skill in the recording studio with his ability to bring art to life through his painting. Producing over 100 pieces of art thus far, he has organized his own art shows, showcasing original work that reflects several of the same ideals behind his music – fearlessness without regret.

I hope you hear more about Gilberto, even after his feature comes to a conclusion on He’ll tell you that “the new album is good enough to break through,” and I agree. Read his answers to the XXQ’s on to find out why.


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