PensEyeView Feature for the 27th and 28th: Chad and Evan

August 27, 2007 at 4:05 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve said this a million times, but one of the best parts about featuring great artists and individuals is getting to hear the story behind the concept. Whether it was a life long dream, a random “aha moment”or some divine intervention that told them, “I have to do this”. I think Chad Birenbaum, co-founder of 100 Styles And Running, said it best, “Evan and I sort of hit a point in our lives where we said if we don’t make this dream a reality, we’ll always say, remember when we could of…should of…but didn’t.” I love that line, it’s says so much and rings so very true. Chad and Evan Birenbaum, brothers (but prefer to call themselves “sole brothers”) and founders of the slick new shoe line, 100 Styles And Running, have been making headlines ever since they decided to pursue their dream. When I heard about what they were up to, I knew I had to contact them.

Chad is the designer, Evan is the businessman but both will admit that when you start from the ground up, in a two-man company, you have to wear several hats. It may be hats they are wearing in the office but it is just a matter of time before everyone on the street is wearing their shoes. There new line is geared toward the everyday hipster who can go from street to office to club and not need to skip a beat. Their shoes were a long time coming; Chad used to draw, tape up, rip apart and add onto his own sneakers when he was a teenager. He always knew there would be something there and it was the push of confidence from his little brother, Evan that has put them where they are today. It may be too early to call them “the next big shoe designers”but why not? Why not call it like it is? If I don’t, who knows, maybe years down the road, I’ll be saying, “could of…should of…but didn’t.” Before you run out and fill your closet, check out to find out more.


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