PensEyeView Feature Feature for Aug 19th and 20th: People in Planes

August 20, 2007 at 10:53 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve researched and written about dozens of artists for inclusion on – but the five piece rock band, People in Planes, are unique… to me anyway. It was just last summer that I ventured into downtown Baltimore for a concert and learned that People in Planes would play the opening act. Honestly, having never heard of the band before, I didn’t plan on finding their performance especially memorable. However, I was pleasantly surprised by their distinctive style, palpable confidence and stimulating blend of melodies that stuck in my head even after the band that I originally came to see took the stage.What surprised me even more was the fact that during the headlining act, People in Planes ā€“ Gareth Jones, Peter Roberts, Ian Russel, Kris Blight and John Maloney were actually mingling with the crowd right behind us ā€“ talking, taking pictures, drinking and enjoying the rest of the show. I said a few words to them about enjoying their performance, and found that the boys from Porthcawl, Wales UK were just a group of regular guys, not playing up some gimmick or character that so many sellouts tend to do to catch a break in the entertainment industry. They had something to them – a skeleton that backed up that confidence.

Much like their music, People in Planes have a natural and honest way about them. They believe that music needs to be a natural creation, something that comes out of honesty. They go as far to describe their compositions as “cutting edge rock music utilizing the warm aesthetic tones of vintage equipment and natural organic sound.” While you can purchase “As Far As the Eye Can See” in record stores right now, look out for the follow-up that is currently being recorded. Go to for their answers to the XXQ’s.


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