Today’s Feature: August 13 and 14: Steep Canyon Rangers

August 13, 2007 at 10:38 am (Uncategorized)

scrfeat.jpgAttending When I first began attending college around the Maryland and DC area, I drank at bars filled with the echoes of all kinds of bands trying to make a name for themselves. Most of these performers played the same, typical style of college music – a punk, pop, and/or alternative mix backed by a couple guitars, a bass and a set of drums. I had always assumed this was the case at all college campuses across the country. But, I’ve learned that if you head on down to Chapel Hill, NC, you’ll find that The Steep Canyon Rangers are turning the music scene on its head. The ensemble of Woody Platt, Mike Guggino, Charles Humphrey, Nicky Sanders, and Graham Sharp play a rhythmic mix of bluegrass, classic country, rock n’ roll and blues that make up the melody of SCR. And this sound isn’t just for your grand pappy anymore – visit the Cats Cradle near the band’s stomping grounds of the University of North Carolina, and you’ll see college kids enjoying a twist on an old school genre that invites a whole new audience to find music that respects its roots. In 2006, the International Bluegrass Music Association voted Steep Canyon Rangers the Emerging Artist of the Year, and it isn’t just the critics taking notice – bluegrass fans made their song, “One Dime at a Time,” a #1 bluegrass hit. Their third release, “Lovin’ Pretty Women,” promises even more success for it was produced by bluegrass heavyweight Ronnie Bowman and engineered by guitarist Wyatt Rice. It would be in your best interest to take advantage of an opportunity to see SCR in concert when you can, because it isn’t just good ol’ American boys that are enjoying their bluegrass sound. They’ve been on tour in both Sweden and Ireland so far this summer. But you can catch them at their own festival, “Mountain Song,” in Brevard, NC on September 15th. Read their XXQ’s at and then buy your tickets.


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