Today’s Feature: August 7th and 8th

August 7, 2007 at 11:04 am (Uncategorized)


If you’re a fan of the mission to promote and support artists making an impact (and I hope you are), then prepare to become the latest fan of Willie Herath (if you aren’t already anyway). In an entertainment industry where it’s so easy to rely on others for success, Willie Herath, the creator of a style of music he calls “Nod Your Head Beach Rock,” is one of an exceptional breed. He
doesn’t sing someone else’s songs, or play to rhythms developed by another artist. In fact, for his album “Cohgie Never Landed,” he did it all – “From the songwriting to the graphic design to the outsourced manufacturing-like a true indie musician-I did it myself.”

Willie’s commitment to developing his own style of sound is difficult to find in a music business where money and deadlines tend to tarnish the work of so many performers, but Herath understands that a song doesn’t just “appear.” It takes time, passion and patience to write truly fine music. And fortunately for Willie Herath fans, Willie takes part in plenty of activities in between songs and albums that unquestionably contributes to his energetic, flip-flopped, salt-water and sand style of music. From free diving for lobsters, to survival camping in the rain forests of Costa Rica, Willie Herath lives the lifestyle that his upbeat
melodies embody. Do you feel like jumping, yelling and slapping your momma to some good music? Check out to find out more.


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