Today’s Feature: August 3rd and 4th

August 3, 2007 at 12:25 pm (Archive)

thfeat.jpgA few weeks ago I had a chance to talk with Trevor Hall over the phone. We greeted each other with your normal ‘Hello’s’ and of course I thanked him for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to talk. I had only heard his voice from songs like “Other Ways” currently on the Shrek 3 soundtrack and a previous recording I hunted down after looping “Other Ways” on repeat for a week straight. When he answered the phone; friendly, calm, upbeat, my ears did a double take. Hall is so casual and relaxed, I felt like I was talking to an old friend, just catching up…this was all in the first two minutes of meeting him. However, it was this maturity and positiveness that I would later learn, is what Trevor Hall is all about. But still, the person on the phone could not be the booming, electrifying voice on his four song Geffen EP, “The Rascals Have Returned”. When you listen to Hall’s music you immediately want to start throwing comparisons at him; The next Dave Matthews, the next John Mayer, the next Jack Johnson, even the next Bob Marley…albeit with a west coast style. Musically and professioanlly I realized that trying to compare him will be a greater challenge then I thought. He does sound like the above mentioned, his guitar playing is on point with the most seasoned guitarist and his lyrics do compare to the “big names” that deservingly so, have become legends. However all those greats that have paved the way, made their names in their late twenties to early thirties…Hall is only nineteen! His fresh and original sound has placed him in an entirely different category. A category filled with great young prodigies like Brett Dennen or Jonny Lang, all of which have become leaders in their field. I learned a lot about Hall during our phone call. For one thing, I have yet to meet an artist with his kind of outlook regarding their career. He refers to music as ‘food for people’, refers to himself as a ‘listener’ rather than a performer and that making music is an incredibly spiritual thing for him. Unlike his musical counterparts in the business, Hall doesn’t see his career as well, a career. He didn’t get into music for money, fame or recognition (all of which will be coming his way) and laughs at being called ‘successful’. He openly stated that he would still be playing music even if he was still working at the old surf shop and doesn’t understand all the attention that he is getting. Well, Trevor, get used to the attention and if he ever went back to just working at a surf shop, chances are that would be the most popular surf shop on the west coast…and not for the great deal on Oakleys.

You could throw his tracks to any ‘music head’ who claims to not listen to mainstream and even they will be obsessed with his magnetic sound. Unlike the other artists his age, you won’t find Hall tracing around Hollywood or making an unwanted spectacle of himself or getting hooked up in the tabloids. Hall is the complete opposite of what ‘young music’ has become these days. He is very close to his family, goes to temple, keeps in touch with his friends and to say that Hall has a “good head on his shoulders” is a blatant understatement. Take it one step further, he’s got the music down, he’s already carving a tight niche in the music world but he a humanitarian as well. Hall has not only stepped outside of the box, he is crushing any kind of packaging that people may try to place him in. Deeply spiritual and thankful for every day, Trevor did a benefit concert raising about $5,000 for the ashram boys in India. All proceeds benefited the education, clothing, food, etc. for the orphan children at Yoga Vedanta Kutir, which of whom Trevor had stayed with while living in India. Show me this kind of character in modern music today…you can’t, which simply is why Trevor Hall could very well be the best young artist today (he is going to hate me saying that).

His latest EP, “The Rascals Have Returned” has an official home on my iPod. I even went to the Apple Store at my local mall and asked if there was a way to make sure his tracks could never get erased from my iPod, barring any of those crazy updates they send me (true story…I know, I’m weird like that…but on a side note, the Mac people were very sincere in their sarcastic eye rolling when I posed this question). On “Under The Blanket” Hall’s lyrics run off smooth and put together, puzzling you at the same time; a mix of pop, blues, rock, reggae, even rap at times, drenched in some of the most original poetry music has heard in years. Lyrically, any other artist might have saved some lines for a whole other song, just to fill a album but Hall doesn’t hold back. “Under The Blanket” gives you a taste of what he has to offer and then piles on the extras. Rock turns into hip hop, turns into pop, turns into blues, turns into reggae. Line after line, he hits you with rhymes and stories so unique you can’t help but get attracted to his sound like (to steal one line from his song “The Rascals Have Returned”), “bees coming to the hive”. After I played his EP, I couldn’t help but think, Hall may be the diamond in the ruff that today’s music has been waiting for. If his upcoming album “All I Can Do” (October-Geffen Records) is only half as startling as the EP, then well, let’s just say the holiday season will come a bit early in the household. Check out to find out more…


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