Today’s Feature: July 30th and 31st

July 30, 2007 at 11:34 am (Archive)


The Kin, a simple name for a pair of exceptionally
gifted brothers who are producing sound that is anything
but basic. From Adelaide, Australia to New York City, the
melody that The Kin composes from an old guitar and a
Fender Rhodes piano can only be described as a detonation
of harmony, taking your eardrums north, south, east and
west on a flight through beatific high and rasping low
notes. One sampling of a song such as “Together,” and
you’ll know what kind of experience The Kin creates.

Thorry and Isaac Koren, on the guitar and Rhodes piano
respectively, don’t hide much about themselves or
their music. It is their honesty that drives the sound
they produce. For their upcoming September release,
“Rise & Fall,” the duo realized a recording studio
alone couldn’t contain the style, nor capture the
vibe The Kin needed to craft. The album, produced
by Nic Hard, was taken to “a barn, an old house,
a huge castle on a hill, and a horse stable,”
realize the sound they had envisioned. You can witness
that sound first-hand around the New York underground
in jamming rooms like Rockwood Music Hall, Bar 4,
Bowery Ballroom and late night venues like Kush on
Chrystie Street.

If you find yourself at a Kin concert around New York, don’t be afraid to greet the brothers after the show, perhaps ask them how they are helping the victims of genocide in Darfur.
One of their favorite parts of their performance is
being able to “meet the fans, and hear their stories.” You can hear more of The Kin’s story, by reading their XXQs at


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